iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download Windows & Mac (FREE)

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download Windows & Mac (FREE)

One of the most practical ways to unlock your device from any iCloud account is with the iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download. This besides being free, manages to unlock the Apple iD on different models and versions of iOS operating system. The only thing you need to use this method is a Windows and Mac computer and a USB cable.

Using this software is very easy, and you don’t need any complex knowledge to install it on your PC. Just follow the steps we are going to explain, and your iDevice will be completely unlocked. Through virtual dedicated hosting or a virtual server you can access the bypass tool for free.

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iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download updated 2021

Years after years the different iCloud bypass tools have had the obligation to improve their performance, and that is due to the constant updates that Apple applies to its devices with the purpose of increasing or improving the privacy security. For that reason the download methods of any of these programs must be updated so that anyone can access quickly and without any failure.

The virtual server offers to download the iPhone activation bypass tool completely updated, and ready to be used on all versions of iOS that are in this 2021, including also those of previous years such as in 2020 and 2019.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Software For Windows And Mac

If you want to get started with iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download, you should know that you can only run this program on a computer that has Windows or Mac in any of its system versions. Unfortunately it is not possible to run this method from a PC that has Linux (Ubuntu), this is something that you have to keep in mind when trying to access this software.

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iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download Crack

Another important aspect that you can not forget, is that to use this iPhone 6s activation lock removal tool free is necessary to use a crack, not only for this phone model, but also for any other reference of iPhone and likewise for iPad and iPod Touch.

To put your mind at ease this crack is installed automatically and comes along with the installation file of the iCloud Bypass tool.

How to Use iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Free

icloud bypass

This iCloud Bypass Tool works in a very easy way, to tell the truth the same interface of the software tells you what to do. For this program to manage to delete or unlock the iCloud account without using the Apple iD password, you must jailbreak the phone.

«If you already know it’s jailbreak you will know the consequences this can cause to your Device.»

Steps To Bypass Activation Lock iOS 10/11/12/13/14/15

After making the iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download, you have to install it and then open it.

Step 1: Open the iCloud Bypass Tool

Click on the button that says «Start».

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download

The tool will ask you to connect your iPhone 7, 5, 4 or any other model you want to unlock. For that you must use a USB cable.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download

Step 2: Jailbreak your iPhone

This iCloud bypass tool will download a jailbreak package for your iDevice.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool

When it finishes downloading the whole jailbreak package, click on «Start jailbreak».

icloud activation lock bypass

A new screen will guide you to put your phone in DFU mode. And then wait for the Jailbreak to finish installing and click «Next».

icloud bypss software

Step 3: Unlock Activation Lock Screen

The next step is to confirm that your device information such as model, iOS, IMEI number and serial number are correct. And click on «Start Bypass».

bypass icloud lock

In just a few minutes the software will finish bypassing activation lock screen.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download

The activation lock on your iDevice has been successfully unlocked, and now you can configure it to your liking by setting up a new Apple iD with your personal information.

iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download

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Features of iCloud Bypass Tool

This software has many features that make it one of the best options you can find to remove iCloud activation lock. Although not everything is good, before you start with iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Tool Download, you should know what are the aspects that can lead you to use or simply discard this iCloud Bypass Software.

This program is characterized by the following aspects:

  • It is a software that installs on Windows and Mac, if you have Linux do not bother to download it, because you will not manage to perform the installation.
  • For it to work you have to jailbreak the phone.
  • You have the option to disable «Find My iPhone».
  • It is a paid method, but thanks to the crack you can use it for free, although with some limitation.


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