Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation

Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock On iPhone And iPad

If you have decided to use dns server to bypass iCloud activation, we have for you a very simple guide that will help you a lot to solve your problem of having a locked iPhone or iPad. This method of icloud bypass dns server has been used for a long time, and now in 2023 we bring you a very complete tutorial and with an updated list of ip addresses for countries like Australia, United States (USA), United Kingdom and many more.

A dedicated web virtual hosting server gives you direct access to any of the unlocking methods.

New Free Method for Bypass iPhone Activation Lock

Using a dns server to bypass iCloud activation is not a permanent solution, in case you didn’t know it, this method does not perform an icloud account permanent unlock. That’s why we want to show you a tool that you can download completely for free and that you can install on Windows/Mac/Linux.

Bypass activation lock using dns won’t unlock you let alone delete your iCloud account forever. That’s why we want to show you a video where you can watch software that will help you with your locked iClock problem.

With this program you won’t need to perform the iCloud 2023 dns bypass process, and best of all you will get a permanent unlock. If you have an old iPhone model, and you thought iphone 4s icloud bypass dns, the tool we just introduced you to works also on obsolete devices by Apple.

What Is iCloud Bypass Dns Server 2023?

When you buy an iPhone and start setting it up, it connects to Apple’s servers, which authorize device activation. iCloud bypass dns server is just a method which is used to unlock any iCloud account. What it does is connect to a different server than Apple and with this prevents the Activation Lock that is generated every time an iCloud account is locked.

The process itself is about changing activation from Apple servers to bypass dns servers, allowing you to unlock any iOS device, regardless of model.

In case you thought that using Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation was a difficult thing, it’s actually the process very easy and fast. Although to tell you the truth, not everything is perfect with this trick.

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The Dns Server To Bypass iCloud Activation Works?

Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation is a method that has often been tested, and the truth is that if it works, not only on iPhone but also on iPad, it actually works on all Apple devices with iOS operating system. But everything is not perfect, this trick has some flaws, and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of some positive and negative aspects that you should know before you start using this method.

The Good and The Bad of iCloud Bypass Servers

If you are thinking of Using iCloud Bypass dns servers you should pay a lot of attention to the following aspects:

Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation lock


  • Works on many versions of iOS.
  • You don’t need a computer to perform the process.
  • It is a method that can be applied on iPhone and iPad.


  • It does not perform a full unlock of the device, you can only use certain functions.
  • Sometimes the iCloud bypass dns server has connection issues.

It’s advisable to using the iCloud Dns Server?

So far there has been no reported case that the iCloud dns bypass method has caused some failure on some Apple device. What we will always be mentioning and clarifying is that the icloud dns unlock is not forever, and that is why in this article and in all that there is this website, you will find much more complete and free tools.

You can rest assured that the iCloud Dns server 2023 won’t damage your iDevice, because the codes used are simply iP addresses that divert the Apple server.

How To Use Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation Full Guide & Updated

icloud bypass dns

As we mentioned iCloud bypass by dns server is a very fast, easy and free process, and you don’t need any technical knowledge to be able to apply this method on your device. This method is one of the most popular simply because you don’t need a computer to be able to be applied on iPhone or iPad.

Steps To Apply iCloud Dns Bypass

First of all to apply iCloud Dns Bypass you need to know the iP addresses, which vary depending on the country. If you’re ready to use Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation, just follow these steps:

  1. The first thing is to choose the country, select the one of your choice.
  2. You should check that you are not connected to a Wifi network. Otherwise you won’t get icloud bypass dns server.
  3. You will leave the option to choose a wifi network, you must press on «i» and the home button, which will throw a new option of «more settings» you give it click.
  4. Remember not to be connected to any internet network if you need to disconnect immediately.
  5. Press on «i», you will get an option where you should place The ip address code (the list of iP addresses is below)
  6. The next thing is to choose the Wifi connection, placing the network access key.
  7. Then you will get a screen on which you will be able to bypass activation lock.
  8. The last thing you need to do is configure the apps by pressing Menu.

These Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation are placed depending on the country where you are, here’s an updated list considering your region.

Unlock iCloud with iPhone Dns Bypass (Crash)

The problem with iCloud dns bypass is that it unlocks your iDevice in a very limited way, although that is something you already knew beforehand. This is something that no user wants, because, if they paid for such an expensive product, the normal thing is to use it with all its features.iphone dns bypass

That is why we are going to show you some extra steps that can help you to have your iPhone or iPad much more unlocked. These steps are performed after the ones we showed you above, and to perform them you have to keep in mind that you should not turn off or reboot your device.

This method or procedure is known as bypass iCloud activation lock dns server (Crash)

How to Use Method Apple Dns Bypass Crash

  1. Go to the «menu» of your Apple device, and click on «Applications».
  2. Click on Crash and wait for your iDevice to reboot.
  3. When the iPhone finishes rebooting set the language, the region and select a Wifi network.
  4. You have to go to «More Wifi Settings».
  5. You have to go to the part where it says [HTTP Proxy] which you can find by tapping on the [i] symbol delete the codes found in the Proxy part and enter this address [8888].
  6. Click on [Back] and then on [Next] the lock screen will come up, you must click on start to unlock it.
  7. Pressing on languages, wait for the home screen to come up, and that’s it.
  8. For yourself you will notice that now your device has more functions that previously with the Dns iPhone bypass that was performed first did not have.

Although this method of dns unlock iPhone (Crash) allows you to have a little more released the iCloud lock, but as we have mentioned it is better to opt for using a software run from a computer. Which guarantees you a permanent unlocking of the Apple iD.

How To Perform iPad Dns Bypass

To perform dns iPad bypass you only have to follow the same procedure explained above, basically it is as if you perform the process of iphone dns server bypass. And this is mainly because both device models share many similarities in their software as in their hardware.

For this reason, using a method like bypass iCloud activation dns works great in case you have an iPad, although it obviously has the same limitations that we mentioned earlier.

Giving you directions on how to bypass iCloud on iPads would be the same as repeating the same steps that were explained with your iPhone.

IP addresses codes to dns iCloud bypass on iPhone Locked

IP addresses codes
This is a list of iP addresses, you must choose the one that corresponds to your region, if you can not find your country you can use the «other regions».

  • North America (USA): 104,154.51.7.
  • Continent of Europe: 104,155.28.90.
  • Continent of Asia: 104,155,220.58.
  • South America: 35,199,88,219.
  • Other regions: 78,100.17.60.

How to Remove iCloud activation lock without Dns iCloud Bypass Server

as you will know the Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation lock does not offer a full unlock service. This unlock allows you to use the camera, connect to wifi, listen to music among other things. If you want a bypassing icloud activation lock permanently, on this website we present the best tools that will help you delete Apple iD permanent.

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Activation Lock iPhone Bypass Permanently

If it is not enough for you to temporarily unlock or remove iCloud account using Dns server. In that case you will need a much more effective method than the previous one, which will give you the option of bypass iPhone activation lock Permanently. That’s why you’ll need to use software that you can download completely for free and install it on your Mac, Windows and Linux PC.

Software to iPad Activation Lock Bypass

People looking for iPad activation lock bypass permanently do not use the Unlock iCloud server method. Instead they prefer to resort to a tool that guarantees them a perfect unlock job. For this reason we will show you a software that you can download for free if you connect to a dedicated web virtual hosting server. Unlike icloud unlock dns server 2022, this program achieves permanently iD Unlocking, not just on iPad, just like it does on iPhone, and Apple Watch.


If you saw the video tutorial from start to finish, you managed to check for yourself that this is a method with much more outstanding results than iPad bypass dns. For this trick it becomes inevitable to use a computer, and also a wifi network.

Best Service bypass iCloud Activation Lock 2023

We just showed you two alternatives that exceed the iCloud remove server, are two software that we have tested, and that if you want a permanent unlock you will have to use them, or opt for Dns Server to Bypass iCloud Activation, if what you want is a temporary unlock.